Foods To Avoid As You Age

Aging is an inevitable and a natural process which you will have to go through. There is no way that you can stop the process of aging but there are ways and means to slow the process of aging. To begin with there are a couple of food items that you may avoid and they will work well for you to anti-age.

For the best anti-aging diet, it is vital that you limit foods that can harm your body. Stick to these guidelines and it should be fairly easy:


Avoid sugar as much as possible. Eating excess sugar is not only bad for your health as it increases your blood sugar levels radically fluctuate too much. Furthermore, the extra calories could make you insulin resistant, resulting in type 2 diabetes. Diabetes damages your blood vessels can lead to heart disease quite often. Basically, less sugar equals better health.

Do not consume too much of high-fat meat, high-fat dairy, and bakery treats. The saturated fat found in these foods is mainly responsible for blocking your arteries, which can lead to heart problems.

Limit salt. Excess sodium, as in salt can raise your blood pressure. Excessive consumption of salt causes water retention in the body. The body and the face look excessively bloated. Over time, high blood pressure can damage many parts of your body, including kidneys, your eyes, and brain. Try to limit your sodium intake to about a teaspoon a day (2400 mg).

Fuel Your Body Up with Nutrients. For steady, consistent energy, try to eat three modest-sized meals a day or else you can split these three meals into 4-6 smaller meals, and have healthy snacks available for between meals. Drink ample water. Keep your body hydrated at all times. Have a rich antioxidant diet. This helps to fight the signs of aging effectively and thus helps to slow the process of aging.

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